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JR did the Briefing. He hoped for good weather, so he told us what he did last night:

Last night, thinking of us all and seeing the poor conditions that forecasters are giving us, I decided to call God for
the rescue. He told me that he couldn’t do a thing! The only God in the matter of weather was God Bernd Goretzki and that we
had to talk to him! But we did it two years ago, and it worked, I replied. “Do it again,” Jesus said, “I am watching”.
So please, good people of Bitterwasser, Stop eating your breakfast, stand up. Hold your hands and repeat after me:

Dear God Goretzki,
we are in great pain.
We`re crying, we are whining,
we are desperate.
Do have mercy with us.
This time we have too many clouds.
Send us nice Cumulus and high cloud basis.
If you want a human sacrifice,
we can give you Michael or Fabian, not Christina.
There´s more meat in Michael.
We love god Goretzki. Amen.

So let`s see what the weather might bring!


Well, what JR didn´t realise: The advent wreath over him looks like a halo of a saint! (Heiligenschein)