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yet available!!! for season 2019/2020 - come to the summer time!

Arcus M
EB 28
Nimbus 4 DM
ASH 25 EB 28
ASG 32
Nimbus 3 DM (Validation needed)
Ventus 3 M (only November and January)
Shark M

Glider-Charter in Bitterwasser:
Most of the rental gliders are from private owners. For now we only have selflaunchers,
most of the glider´s are German registrated and no Validation of Licence is needed.
Gladly we assist you to find the right typ of glider and accommodation for you.
Certainly it is a good option to ship your own glider with our Container to Namibia. We do the whole handling and perhaps you can share the cost´s with other pilots who are flying your glider.
contact person:
Dieter Schwenk - mail: booking(at)bitterwasser.com or by phone +49 7381-938760
Travel to Namibia / Bitterwasser is always a value
1. glider´s shiped by Container:
Lessor is responsable for glider typ rating. In exceptional case Bitterwasser Flight Office can do it but it will be charged.
The handover from one Charterer to the next is of the responsibility of the owner or Lessor. Flight Office Team can assist, liable to pay costs, but the Charterer/Pilot is in charge.
In case of needed check- or orientation -flights, Flight Office Team will organize.
Glider Equipment need to be signed with glider callsign. FLARM, SPOT or PLB (required), Oxygen including tubes, Logger, Tranfsercables and plugs for power supply, battery charge system, good accus, Parachute etc.. The cockpit should be signed with markers. Also think about the important square parts for the whole system, clean equipment etc.
Special towing equipment who lift the tail of the glider completly from the button, wingdolly best for both wings. The Pan is rough and stable material should be used.
A safety package and all documents and manuals written in Englisch and German. A good perepared written short manual about using instruments, battery loading, electrical system of the glider, refuel glider with the right mix ratio and the right oil.
A checklist for engine handling is laible.

new guest´s:
initial briefing is required and will be done from Flight Office Team. All paperwork must be done before first take off. A checkflight can have even more than one take off. We expect good airmanship.
glider type rating and handovers are with costs.