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Live Wetter Daten der Bitterwasser Wetterstation sind jetzt online!
Live Weather Data from Bitterwasser Weatherstaion are online!

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Bitterwasser is not only a good starting point for big and fast flights over Namibia. With the almost three-kilometer-wide pan serving as an airfield, the gliding center offers a high level of safety. Dietmar Spohn appreciated this yesterday: Shortly after taking off he discovered the failure of the water pump of the Arcus M. The coolant temperature shot up to 135 degrees in a few seconds. The remaining runway was already too short for an emergency landing. So Spohn turned 90 degrees and again had a lot of pan as a landing area ahead. Everything went well: a safe landing in the airfield and not in the surrounding Kalahari with bushes and trees and also the engine has survived. A replacement for the defective pump was found in the reserve camp of the center.
The ability to safely reach altitude in powered flight is a great benefit of Bitterwasser. Another is the multitude of landing possibilities, when in the evening almost everyone returns at sunset. The selection of landing strips remains huge. And in the morning the aircraft are placed side by side, so that no one will put dust on the other.

There is a lot of place to land safely in Bitterwasser after a take off.

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Flying with the Champion, that is the motto so the glider pilots  of the LfV Geven train in Bitterwasser on a club basis. With their club Arcus they enjoyed the fast days in Namibia in November. Arndt Hovestadt with world champion qualification was their coach. On the day of the average speeds never seen before – Reinhard Schramme presented in the Speed OLC 232 kph – both trainees were part of the game. Guido Kock was fortunate enough to join Carsten Kopsieker in the cockpit of the ASG 32 and Anja Buchmeister was in the Arcus. Guido Kock was inspired by the flights in Namibia so much that he wants to come back again this season. Under the watchful eye of the experienced coach, the interplay between the morning parterre flying in blue thermals and the experience of the later race under cloud streets found a balanced relationship. In the end both trainees could look back on beautiful, exhausting but not overly exhausting flights.

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On Sunday, it took a while for the thermals to develop properly. Who didn’t like to work for the first kilometers in the heat under blue sky in lifts only up to 1200 meters first enjoyed the lunch at the lodge. The surprise was there after the start: What the thermals and the wind had already brought in the air! In the west of Bitterwasser, a high wall of sand and dust piled up on a line from south to north, while to the east only a few dust devils told from the strong thermal activity. On one side a dense dust curtain, on the other clear view and later nicely drawn cumuli. It was great to fly along the dust curtain.
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Pre-briefing 1000 km camp
Some junior pilots were looking forward to the upcoming trip to Bitterwasser, the others brought with them beautiful experiences from the gliding center. They met on invitation of Wilfried Großkinsky in Cologne to prepare for flying in southern Africa. The participants of the last camp reported on their experiences.
The new season is already out of the starting blocks in Bitterwasser. In the OLC you can already find the first flights. Bernd Goretzki and Reinhard Schramme will test what is possible so early in Namibia.
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