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That was a season! The performance of Bitterwasser is outstanding. In the statistics of the Online Contest 2019 the gliding center is almost alone at the top with 605344 points.

Compared to all countries in the southern hemisphere Namibia has proven to be the one with the best conditions for cross country flying. The top places in the ranking of the best performing airfields belong without exception to Namibia.

With 134 pilots and 782 flights over a total of 604570 kilometers Bitterwasser has clearly set itself apart from the neighboring gliding centers Veronica, Kiripotib and Pokweni.

Behind Namibia, Australia and South Africa share the places in the OLC statistics of best airfields. It remains to be seen how Puimoisson, southern France, will perform in the rest season of the northern hemisphere.

210 flights over 1000 kilometers contributed to the leading position of Bitterwasser, including 5 flilghts over 1300, 19 over 1200 and 54 over 1100 kilometers.

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Rainer Hog und Bernd Mangold sind bereits vor Ort.
Flugzeuge werden aufgerüstet und von Bernd inspiziert. Die Palmenallee füllt sich nach und nach und vor der Werkstatt ist Betrieb.

Auch das Wetter zeigt sich bereits von seiner besten Seite!

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Die Container sind gut in BIWA eingetroffen - und das Wetter zeigt sich gleich von seiner besten Seite!
Container arrived at BIWA and the weather showing his best side.

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You have to be a teenager. Then you can earn a stay in Bitterwasser with the pleasure of gliding in Namibia. In the Bitterwasser Cup, Europe's young people (up to the age of 25) have the chance to win a stay of eight days  for cross country flying at Bitterwasser Lodge. The price includes the travel from Frankfurt/Main and the stay in the lodge with a glider for one week. Missing then only the proverbial good Africa weather.

The prize will be flown out in the Online Contest (OLC). At the end of May 900 participants were already in the results. Most entries come from Germany because the price has not really got round yet among european junior pilots. Only just over 100 reports come from 16 neighboring European countries.

Currently (second half of May), the result list is headed by Janes Stahf of the FCC Berlin, who brings together 4347 points with his six best cross-country flights. With Ventus 3 and LS8 he started in spring training in Puimoisson and from his home airfield Lüsse near Berlin. With a good 200 points Marcel Kaspari from AC Nastätten follows in second place, closely behind follows Johannes Beyer from the Segelflugzentrum Königsdorf. At the beginning of the month the Swiss Davide Giovanelli (GVV Ticino) claimed third place. With the start of the cross country season north of the Alps he fell back to 9th place.

The prize is not given away. Six flights will count and for a front placement they must be clearly in the region over 600 kilometers.
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Come Fly Arcus

Bitterwasser Saison 2019/2020

Arcus available from:
1.Nov until 9.Nov
17.Nov until 30.Nov
22.Dec until 3.Januar 2020

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