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Terms and Conditions
Commercial conditions
Booking in general (valid for accommodation / charter):
50% down payment within 14 days after the invoice date.
Remaining 50%: payment at least 60 days prior to departure for Bitterwasser.
Cancellation: 50% refund up to 60 days prior to planned departure, after that no
For changes of booking we will charge a rebooking fee of 50,- €
For changes of date for arrival or departure make early contact with the front desk. A
claim for the booked accommodation category holds only for the confirmed arrival
and departure dates. In case of early arrival Bitterwasser reserves the right to provide
a different category of accommodation up to the period booked.
Terms Bitterwasser charter planes:
Charter Plane Twin Astir
Refund for cancellations: If a new tenant for the period booked is found:
100% refund
Terms container transport:
The invoice is payable within 14 days upon reception. Payments have to be executed cost free for the creditor. All trans-
fer costs are fully payable by the debitor. This invoice for transportation brokerage service is also the confirmation for a
reservation of container space for transportation. Within this period (14 days) the reservation stays valid. If the payment
will not arrive in time the reservation is void and can be offered to other applicants. The reservation can be cancelled
with a refund of 50% until June, 30st of the same year. Later the fee or parts of it can only be refunded if another client
can be found to occupy the returned container space. This opportunity only applies after all other offered container
places have ben sold by the carrier.
Bitterwasser (Pty.) Ltd is only acting as broker not as the carrier or transporter never the less Bitterwasser (Pty.) Ltd.
stresses for all stakeholders and customers that Bitterwasser (Pty.) Ltd does not take any liability for any transported good
nor for damages on the transportation premises as there are containers, trucks, ships, cranes or aircraft for transpor-
tation, not for loading and unloading by water, by land and air and not for damages caused between transported goods
The customers and aircraft holders are advised to take care for own suitable insurances for thir party liabilities and
comprehensive insurances for loading, unloading and transportation by water, by land and air and amongst the trans-
ported gliders and goods themselves.The customer is responsible for the sea, land and air tranportation suitable packag-
ing and preparation of the aircraft and accompanying goods and materials. In the container or transported aircraft no 
fuels, explosives, flammables, corrosives, acids, weapons, ammunitions, pressurized containments and other dangerous 
goods are allowed. The holder and/or owner of each aircraft is liable against the carrier and its assistants, against Bitter-
wasser Pty. Ltd and against each other holder and owner of any aircraft or good as transported in the container.
Each Glider is allowed to take along one box 1,1 x 0.6 x 0.5 m. Before arriving at Bitterwasser the FLARM Code and the
SPOT link of each Pilot and each Aircraft has to be transferred to Bitterwasser (Pty.) Ltd. An extra fee of ca.1,000.-- NAD
can apply for Namibian Overflight Permits. Glider manual must be present at PIC language.

Self participation
Use of a Bitterwasser plane is subject to a self participation for the insurance, which
must be deposited prior to the first flight (see Payment). Upon delivery, the aircraft is
inspected by both parties, recording any deficiencies in writing.
Flying on the arrival day
A flight as pilot in command is not possible on arrival day.
Before the first flight, an introductory briefing and/ or a check flight is required.
Self-inflicted non-use or weather-related loss of flight days are not recoverable, as
well as all non-flyable contingencies declared by flight operations, such as wet or
non-usable takeoff and landing strips; a breakdown of machinery and equipment
such as oxygen, fuel systems and availability of fuels, vehicles, etc.. This is also true
for rule violations and their consequences.
The official sunset time will be given during the briefing. These times constitute the
official operating hours. It is up to each pilot in command, to exploit at his own risk the
additional 15 minutes after sunset. Starting from the 16th minute, it counts as a
night landing. OLC notification of flights at night and in prohibited airspace should be
refrained from.
A violation of the designated airspace should be avoided at all costs
(except emergency)
Outlandings / search
Bitterwasser provides all possible assistance and action for retrieval or search. The
resulting costs are charged to the pilot.
Information for Pilots
The procedures and rules to be observed are explained in the current revised version
of the information for pilots. Flight operations can take appropriate action in case of
rule violations.
Administrative conditions
For flying Namibian enrolled aircraft (V5-xxx) a previous
Validation of the license is necessary. For the exact formalities, please refer to the
appropriate instructions. Please note the dates.
Membership in the Bitterwasser International Flying Club (BIFC)
For legal reasons, each pilot and each passenger must be a member of
the BIFC. This membership begins with the booking confirmation and will be
paid for on site. This rule also applies to shareholders.
while check flights, the Instructor or the check pilot from Bitterwasser is always PIC. This is hereby published. If you do no written objection, this shall be agreed. The Instructor/Check Pilot has the necessary authority to act. In case of damage the tenant pay for the excess.
Daily fees
For non-shareholders, as well as for not Bitterwasser-owned planes
daily stationing fees according to the current price list are charged. To be paid
only for flight days. For Bitterwasser shareholders and Bitterwasser owned planes no
daily fees are charged.
Unless specifically noted, all prices listed in price lists include VAT. In Namibia,
the prices will be charged with a constant exchange rate fixed at the start of the
Payment will be made to our bank account in Germany in Euros.
Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (LBBW)
Account: 108 392 3 BLZ 600 501 01
IBAN: DE 06 6005 0101 0001 0839 23
Local payments
Bitter water reception accepts MasterCard and Visa credit cards as well as
Bank cards connected with the Maestro network.
Sometimes it can come to power and communications outages (we are in Africa).
Please understand that we then must take appropriate measures or
make changes to the payment processing.
Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre 
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